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ใบมีด และขอบตัดทำจากโลหะสแตนเลสอย่างดี
ความยาวในการตัด 2.54เมตร( 100 นิ้ว)
เหลือ 99 ชิ้น
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รายละเอียดสินค้า แท่นตัดกระดาษROTATRIMT2500(100quot;)

ใบมีด และขอบตัดทำจากโลหะสแตนเลสอย่างดี

ความยาวในการตัด  2.54เมตร( 100 นิ้ว)


ตัดได้หนา 4 มม.

ขนาด 117.3 x 17.7 x 7.1" (298.0 x 45.0 x 18.0 cm)

น้ำหนัก 62.8 lb(28.5 kg)


Technical T2500 Rotary Cutterfrom Rotatrimis a heavy-duty trimmer, which can cut many different flexible materials, such as, aluminum, mounting board, leather, canvas, laminate, and photographic or inkjet paper.

The self-lifting clamp mechanism helps the user position materials up to 100" in length, 66.2" in width, and can cut with the self-sharpening Sheffield D2 Tool Steel Blade up to 4 mm thick. The stainless steel square guide rail ensures that there is no head swivel and cuts as straight as possible. The trimmer's baseboard itself is made of aluminum along with end frames, head, and side rule. All Technical Rotary Cutters are hand-built in England, which are completely safe and easy-to-use.

Trimmer will cut many different materials up to 4 mm thick, 100" in length, and 66.2" wide The Technical Trimmer has a square guide rail. Therefore, eliminating head swivel completely, and a self-lifting clamp mechanism, which enables the user to position and cut much larger materials Hand-built in England with a self-sharpening Sheffield D2 Tool Steel Blade, and also an aluminum baseboard, end frames, head, and side rule